Thursday, 21 February 2019

Accidental Goecacher!

I've heard of geocaching - haven't you? If you have a fancy 'phone, and you like being outdoors and solving a puzzle it sounds like great fun. There are sites, and apps, and I don't know what LOL.
But the truth is I don't have a fancy 'phone, and so I've never pursued it, although I've heard of it. 

So imagine my surprise when I found a geocache this week!

Here's how it happened. I love books and reading, and in this area old red telephone boxes, which no longer house 'phones are sometimes turned over as little book-swap sites. Not always; sometimes they contain defibrillators! They are perhpas more useful, but not so much fun I guess.
Anyway I'm such a book person that we carry a no longer required volume around in the back of our car on our journeys, so I can leap out and swap if I see a box with books. This time I thought I'd be loving and chose something my husband might like for a change. And there on the top shelf was a book I thought he'd love - about a chef (good start) who wrote about some travels he went on (great!).

I lift it down, and what do I discover? That this book has a big green geo-cache label on it, and inside it's been hollowed out to hold the cache, and the sign-in book! I was amazed. I showed it to my beloved, as neither of us had seen one before, and then I put it back, having nothing with me to put in as an exchange for any of it's contents.
And my sweetheart got a book about Sir Vivian Richards instead, which he is equally pleased with  :)

But what a fun thing, on a drive out for a picnic, and how it made me smile. Now, when I've got a fancy phone  . . . 

May joyful unexpected things bless you all

Sunday, 17 February 2019

MIddle of February, and the weather is lovely

Beautiful days of blue skies and sunshine right now, and we have made the most of that by visiting a National Trust Garden - Kingston Lacy - and Minterne Gardens to enjoy the spring bulbs and views. This is the Himalayan hut in Minterne Gardens, a really peaceful and inspiring spot. The inside of the hut is very evocative, and the gardens are well worth a visit any time of the year.

Now to some fun exciting tarot talk - I've decided to give some more of my deck collection an outing, and so every month I will be focusing on a nominated deck, and giving a couple of FREE READINGS via the contact box on the tarot page! So be sure to check out the blog every 1st of the month - to see what deck I'm enjoying this month and see if there's a reading slot free. 
Or for a more in-depth reading, with a deck chosen intuitively for you, please contact me for details and to make payment.

I will post a reminder nearer the time, but put it in your diary!

May the weather be perfect for you!

Friday, 1 February 2019

Snow for Imbolc

There's been snow overnight in Glastonbury, and the Chalice Well Gardens were beautiful this morning, for their celebration of "First Stirring"
There was a inch or two of snow over the whole garden except where trees give shelter, and the Well itself decorated with seasonal flowers and greenery, and the peace candle alight. There was too much snow falling for a tarot reading in the garden, but a lovely cup of coffee and a piece of cake (always important!) whilst standing at the fire and chatting was great.

Now there are candles alight in the house, and the snow is slowly melting in watery sunshine. May the steps of the Goddess bring flowers to bloom for everyone.

Blessings as th Wheel Turns

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

What's happening in the house this week?

Well it's the time of year for marmalade! Such a wonderful reminder in this cold weather of the hot summer days, the smell of oranges; but this one ends up warming the house and packed in gleaming jars.

Then there's been stitching - my first ever bed-sized quilt, in colours themed around "Winter Walls" 

Nothing very complicated at first, but it was good to know that I could complete this on my vintage machines - I used a Singer 221K Featherweight for the piecing and a hand crank 201K for the quilting. I'm planning an indigo dyed quilt when the weather is warm enough to carry out the dyeing, and perhaps something smaller in the meantime. I have made handbags before as Yule gifts for friends . . .

Enjoy whatever makes you happy this cold month, and look for signs of spring!


Tuesday, 8 January 2019

"This email addres no longer exists. . . "

You know how it is; I wrote this, and then found I couldn't send it. So here it is, and maybe someday the person it was intended for will see it. Or maybe not. It is what it is.

Just for you/him/them/me

Drove through your town last week
Searched a thousand faces for yours.
Grey skies, concrete walls
What was I expecting to find?

Searched a thousand face for yours
But we might be in different countries.
Language is our barrier, history our curse
Faces turned to concrete walls.

Drove through your town last week,
Thought of you in every slim figure who went past my window.
The glass pane/pain keeps us separate
In my mind we will/still walk together.


Saturday, 5 January 2019

What is a blog for?

I've been thinking a lot lately about 'what a blog is for?' And who is it for? 
If, like me, you don't have something to teach or share, you're not creating something new and amazing or trying to change the word one person at  time - what is a blog for?

I keep a diary, so it's not strictly about remembering. I think one only shows the best side of oneself on a blog, so it's not even a rounded view I don't think.  But it is nonetheless a really nice way to put all the happy and creative things in my life into one place, full of colour and some local interest perhaps, so I've decided to start up writing here again. 

So Happy New Year, and I hope any friends old or new who drop by will enjoy seeing what's being made here among the trees this year  :)