Sunday, 18 March 2018

Tarot Readings from 'Among the Trees' in Glastonbury



Here you'll find all the details you need to have a tarot reading with me - lots of types of decks for your choice, several well known spreads or we can create a spread especially to address your question today. If you like beautiful little bags- works of art really! - then do take a look at my second page for some of my latest and loveliest bags. Enjoy browsing  . . .

"Waiting to start a reading for you..."

Costs  £9 for 3 cards and  £35 for 10 cards. Other size spreads can be used, I'm happy to discuss before you decide.

Reading with the Patchwork deck

If you've never had a reading before, and wonder what it's all about - here's my philosophy on reading ...

I believe the cards laid out for you during a reading can help you 'see' a current situation from different angles. You can sometimes spot what led up to a situation, or how aspects you hadn't considered have contributed to the shape of the issue, either from inside yourself or perhaps other people's attitudes and actions . Then you see card images that help you consider fresh ways of navigating out of the situation into some new space; perhaps by considering actions in the physical world or by a change of thoughts. The future is not yet decided, and you can alter what is to come if you change something in the now - and that's how tarot can help, by suggesting possibilities, by breaking down your own unknown barriers, sometimes by jolting a new realisation. You can ask questions, you can ask for insight, you can seek alternatives. And it doesn't need to be a huge spread of 20 or more cards laid all over the table, sometimes 2 or 3 are enough to open a new vision.

So if you'd like a reading with me and to explore what life has to offer you, come and see how you like my reading style!

Here's how to go about it: Use the contact form on the right hand side of this page to get in touch with me, ask your question, and let me know whether you would like a THREE card or TEN reading reading (see charges below).

Please understand though that I only read about YOU - not about someone else. You do have to be at least 18 years old and you have to be able to make payments via Paypal.

I can only give readings in English I'm sorry - I'm not fluent in any other language. I charge £10 for a three card reading, and £35 for a broader ranging, ten card reading and I'd aim to get your reading to you by email within 72 hours or sooner unless I am away, or it's a holiday. You don't have to pay until you've received my email confirming I have your correct email address.

I will chose which deck to read with, unless you have a preference and want to ask me if I have a particular deck. I can generally provide a scan of the laid out cards to go with the written reading.

Sound interesting? Sound useful?

Then do please get in touch...